Abu Mukhtaar's Family Fotopage

By: Abu Mukhtaar

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Mukhtaar and Zainah Pics

Mukhtaaer wants to play what Zainah plays
bro sis 1
bro sis 2
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Sister and Brother, side by side...

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Zainah first 30 days

I'm hungry...
I want milk!
Start burping
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Zainah, Mukhtaar and Ummi spend the first three weeks mainly at Ibu's place. This is to help Ummu Zainah recover (ubat periuk, bengkong, massage and rest) and to help Abu Mukhtaar focus at work (by making sure he has enough sleep). In the mean time Mukhtaar have a good time with his visiting young aunties and uncles. It's such a joy to see my family after working like mad all day.

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Zainah First Week

In the ward 01
In the ward 02
In the ward 03
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Zainah's first week on Earth. We noticed that she is very tolerant of pain the first few days. She does not react to injections or poking. Like most babies she's diagnosed with Jaundice. She recovered within the week, Alhamdulillah.

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Zainah's Birthday

Ummi few hours before delivery ward
Mukhtaar before delivery
Womens Tower
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These are pictures taken on the day Zainah is borned to this Earth. Both before and just after. May Allah swt make her a solihah , safe from fitnah of the Last Days. Ameen.

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Ziarah Kubur2 Para Alim Ulama

Room to bathe the corpse
Sheikh Muhd Fadhlullah As-Suhaimi 02
Al Habib Al Wali Al Syed Abdullah Bin Idrus Baroom Al Alawi
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On the morning of June the 17th 2007, I am invited by a group of good sahabahs to Ziarah the Ulama at the Pusara Aman and Pusara Abadi. The whole program is iniated by Sameer. Among us is Najib Khan, a knowledgeable person who was very close to Al-Marhum Habib Abdillah Al-Jufri. He gave pointers about the Adab of Ziarah and gave brief introductions to some of the Ulama and Alims we visited.

Here's the address of some of the graves we visited.

Habib Salim Bin Muhammad Al-Attas
Blk 1 beside 2386

Habib Abdillah Bin Ahmad Al-Jufri
Blk 24, 185

Al-Allamah Syeikh Omar Bin Abdullah Al-Khatib
Blk 18, 1244

Syeikh Taha As-Suhaimi
Blk 20, 824

Habib A'wad Bin Hamid Ba'Alawi
Blk 23, 355

Habib Abdul Rahman Al-Kaff
Blk 17, 1779

Syeikh Md Fadhlullah As-Suhaimi
Blk 427, 2265

Al Habib Al Wali Al Syed Abdullah Bin Idrus Baroom Al Alawi
Blk 427, 2266

Habib Maliki
Blk 427, 2264


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